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Reviewed in Industrial Engineering Solutions, June 1998 issue.

Why a Supply Chain Management Resource Webpage? Never has so much technology and brainpower been applied to improving supply chain performance. Point of sale scanners allow companies to capture the customer's request. Electronic data interchange lets all stages of the supply chain understand customer's requests and react by using flexible manufacturing, automated warehousing, and rapid logistics. New concepts such as quick response, efficient consumer response, accurate response, mass customization, lean manufacturing, and agile manufacturing offer models for applying the new technology to improve performance.

In our consulting business, we spend considerable time educating our clients on what is best in the market; what has been tried; and what has actually succeeded. The objective of this homepage is to provide selected links to Supply Chain Management related topics, and promote the understanding of what is meant by "Supply Chain Management."

Supply Chain Link of the Week

This week's supply chain link is American Productivity and Quality Center An excellent source for Knowledge Management, Benchmarking, Measurement^M and Customer Satisfaction.

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